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Venod Sharma’s Strike In Jantar Mantar

The Haryana State Aided School Teachers and Aided Computer Teachers are up in arms against the Government of Haryana for several days. In Haryana around 2622 Aided School Teachers and Aided Computer Teachers are protesting against the policies of the government. Currently these teachers are working in different schools of Haryana Government but they are not getting regular salaries. For last several months these teachers are without salaries and due to nonpayment of salaries they are facing lot of hardships.

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma | Get details on : http://www.venodsharmaharyana.co.in/

These aided teachers are working in the government schools through various societies like Rohtak Based Bhupendra society, Transline and Sriram companies of New Delhi. . These societies are not paying the teachers regular salary while they are getting the money form Haryana Government.

Venod Sharma – Haryana Government

The need of the hour is the urgent intervention of Haryana Government in such matter .It is not only the question of the future and livelihood of these teachers but also of those lakhs of students whose future is at stake because these teachers are unable to concentrate on their job of teaching as they are busy protesting against the injustice which has been meted out to them.

Venod Sharma Haryana Development

Venod Sharma – Haryana Development | Read more : http://www.venodsharmaharyana.co.in/haryana-development.html

It is a sad situation and Haryana Dovernment is not paying any attention to the plight f these aided teachers .It is only Venod Sharma who is standing behind the aided teachers

Venod Sharma – Haryana Politician

When theses aided teachers were protesting in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, It is only Venod Sharma who joined their protest and showed concern for their problems. He exhorted Haryana government for immediate action on the problems of the aided teachers.

Venod Sharma Haryana Politician

Venod Sharma Haryana Politician | Click here : http://www.venodsharmaharyana.co.in/haryana-politician.html

Venod Sharma is the only leader among the political class of Haryana who had sympathized with the cause of aided teachers. He not only reached Jantar Mantar to extend his support but also raised the issue of low salary of these aided teachers.

Venod Sharma – Haryana News

Venod Sharma has asked Haryana Government why it is not regularizing these aided teachers, when Haryana government itself announced the regularization of aided teachers in a rally in Gohana. Today aided teachers have lost confidence in the government of Haryana and they are looking at Venod Sharma as someone who can rescue them from their present condition.

Venod Sharma Haryana News

Venod Sharma Haryana News | Read more : http://www.venodsharmaharyana.co.in/haryana-news.html

Venod Sharma has made a promise to these aided teachers that JanChetna Party will raise their problems in the forthcoming assembly elections .The party will take it to the streets if the demands of the aided and computer teachers are not fulfilled.

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